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For General Users

TrialeX offers a seamless, user-friendly interface that simplifies participation in clinical research. The platform provides vital information in clear, easy-to-understand language, empowering users to navigate the trial process with confidence. TrialeX fosters direct communication between participants and scientists, ensuring a transparent and collaborative experience.

What We
Offer for General Users  


Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials

  • Access to New Treatments: Potential access to investigational treatments not yet available to the general public.

  • Expert Medical Care: Receive expert care from leading physicians and researchers.

  • Contribution to Medical Research: Actively contribute to advancing medical knowledge and developing new therapies.

  • Additional Testing and Monitoring: Often receive more frequent testing and monitoring.

  • Financial Compensation: Some trials may provide compensation or reimbursement for expenses.

  • Altruistic Benefit: Derive personal satisfaction from contributing to scientific research.


Personalized Learning Experience

  • Algorithm-based Recommendations: Match participants with suitable trials based on their specific criteria.

  • Direct Communication: In-app chat enables direct communication with researchers for questions and understanding.

  • Educational Resources: Presented in easy-to-understand language, aiding comprehension.

  • Progress Tracking: Keeps participants informed about their journey, fostering better adherence and learning.

What we offer for clinical trials teams 

For Clinical Trial Teams

TrialeX offers clinical trial teams an innovative approach to recruitment, retention, and management that places the patient experience at the forefront. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the clinical trial landscape, this platform is designed to transform research by driving greater efficiency and inclusivity. 

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Recruitment and Enrolment

TrialeX optimises clinical trial recruitment and enrolment through advanced filtering, algorithm-based recommendations, and pre-screening assessments. Its user-friendly interface and clear communication streamline participation, attracting diverse participants. TrialeX prioritises diversity and inclusion, leveraging data insights for representative research outcomes. Additionally, its trial management tools, including calendar features, document management, and task allocation, enhance organisation and coordination for successful trials.


Engagement and Retention

TrialeX improves participant engagement and retention by tracking progress, enabling feedback, offering incentives, and sending push notifications. It fosters direct communication between participants and researchers, ensuring engagement throughout the trial. With dropout risk predictions, TrialeX allows for personalised retention strategies, focusing support where it's most needed.


Trial Mangement

TrialeX streamlines trial management with features such as trial review capabilities for participant feedback, push notifications to keep participants engaged, and access to trial results for understanding contributions and advancements. It also offers participant tracking and engagement monitoring through real-time data visualization, enabling close monitoring of activity patterns. Leveraging machine learning, TrialeX predicts dropout risks for each participant, facilitating proactive identification of high-risk individuals.

The platform is highly informative and makes it easy for me to understand and navigate the clinical trial. The intuitive design and user-friendly features allow me to seamlessly participate in the study. I appreciate how the platform puts the patient experience at the forefront, empowering me to actively engage throughout the trial process.


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